SEEDGerminator IDEAS is now Live!
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SEEDGerminator IDEAS is now Live!

According to an official Medium article by the TRON Super Representative, Sesameseed, SEEDGerminator IDEAS is now live and accepting applications.

Through the program, applications selected would receive funding of up to 400,000 TRX. For projects which require more than 400,000 TRX in funding, the projects section is always open.

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Informing the audience about the first ideas listing which is currently live, the article said:

“TronMarketCap is a market capitalization index for TRON which will include many free features for users. It will be a comprehensive TRON index that will help promote trust and security in the TRON ecosystem.”

Adding to it:

“TronMarketCap will provide users of the TRON blockchain with information similar to what is found about other blockchains at This includes ranking tokens by marketcap, price, volume, circulating supply, and 24 hour price changes. There will also be historical price data and graphs.”

Talking about the other ideas listing, KUDI Games—TronScratch, the article said:

“The TRONscratch DApp is a browser based decentralized game based on the popular “Tic Tac Toe” game. It is a multiplayer game where each of the players stake equal amount of TRON against one another.
TRONscratch has an interesting reward model and is the first offering from KUDI Games. KUDI Games is a major element of the KUDI Ecosystem designed to bring Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies to Africa’s economy.”

The project was received well in the TRON community. Sesameseed’s previous initiatives too were well-accepted by the community. When compared with other crypto communities, the TRON community is quite accepting of innovation. They are generally more likely to accept projects which are totally new in the market and have little or no market presence. It is perhaps because of such a community that the cryptocurrency has become a hub of innovation.

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