Satoshi Statue Project Gains Support in Ukraine’s Capital

The Build Satoshi Project, a global campaign to erect statues of Satoshi Nakamoto around the world, has started gaining support and momentum in Kiev, Ukraine.

Residents and visitors of the city might soon be able to spot a monument of the Japanese creator of blockchain tech and bitcoin, around them. The plan, so far, is to erect the statue at the intersection of Kiev’s two main streets: The Taras Shevchenko Boulevard and Khreshchatyk Street. Furthermore, the idea is to erect the figure exactly where the statue of Vladimir Lenin stood, until December 2013. The statue of Lenin, a Russian revolutionary and Soviet Union leader, was toppled down by angry protesters that took to the street, in December 2013.

People behind the initiative have decided to initially design a digital Satoshi statue. This virtual statue will be visible through a smartphone app, on turning the mobile towards the pedestal, reports outlet Delo. Raccoon World, a robotics and VR/AR company in Ukraine, has taken the responsibility to develop the virtual model of the monument.

The Satoshi Nakamoto Republic plans to file a petition and apply for permission to build a real, physical statue of Satoshi Nakamoto, with Kiev’s City State Administration. To acquire the necessary funds, organizers have decided to go with crowdfunding. Meanwhile, Alexander Soroka, a Ukrainian entrepreneur, has donated 1 bitcoin to support the initiative.

According to some local media outlets, this initiative is part of a global campaign to erect monuments of Satoshi around the world to create a ‘blockchain republic’. Organizers are also looking for an alternative place to erect the symbolic figure, in case the petition fails to receive approval from authorities.

Not long ago, the first monument dedicated to bitcoin and blockchain tech was inaugurated in Kranj, Slovenia. The installation in Kranj takes the form of a large bitcoin logo placed at an intersection. The theme was selected by the residents of Kranj.

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