Self-Claimed Satoshi Nakamoto to Write a Bitcoin Book
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Self-Claimed Satoshi Nakamoto to Write a Bitcoin Book

A self-claimed Satoshi Nakamoto has announced they are writing a book on bitcoin and its history, as well as personal stories of its creator, though it remains unclear whether the person is the actual creator of world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC).

Last Friday, posted a letter signed by the inventor of world’s first and biggest cryptocurrency bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, whose real identity remains unknown to this day.

According to the letter or post, the book, if it ever gets published, will have two parts, namely “Honne and Tatamae”, according to the results of a “Cryptogram puzzle” published with the letter.

Furthermore, the letter’s author claims that the book will also contain personal life stories of bitcoin’s inventor, saying:

“But to be certain, there are countless conversations I found to be enlightening that I hope make it to be part of the story. There will be many new names and individuals appearing throughout the book in any case, as it is a story about my personal life.”

An excerpt was also published from the supposed book alongside the announcement, briefly recapping the development of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency and covers new issues that have surfaced since its creation such as scaling, the concept of its underlying blockchain technology and the arrival of ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miners.

Not only that, the excerpt also explains why the name Satoshi Nakamoto was chosen by the author in the first place:

“I wanted the most common name, which I knew no one outside of Japan had any recollection that Satoshi Nakamoto, was the equivalent of ‘John Smith.’ It took time for the public to come to this conclusion, but most with direct access to me had figured it out long ago.”

However, it still cannot be verified whether the post was indeed written by the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

An Australian academic, Craig Wright, who also claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto in 2015, took to Twitter after the announcement of the book came into light, saying the post’s author “cannot get technical details nor dates right”.


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