Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Releases Last Statement Before Book Release
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Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Releases Last Statement Before Book Release

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, is interestingly an anonymous person. While there have been guesses as to aspects of their identity, it is unclear who is this individual that created the biggest and most controversial cryptocurrency in the world.

Earlier this year, an individual claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto began gaining attention. Even though previously many people have experienced similar fame, what was different this time, was that an excerpt was attached that was reportedly the beginning of Satoshi Nakamoto’s story. The post was released on a website called ‘Nakamoto Family Foundation’ and now has a follow-up post that talks about Satoshi’s personal life.

The book is supposed to be ‘his story’ and he talks about his early life including how he was brought up in the Caribbean. They mentioned that they still have family in the area and gave clues on how to find the location where they were writing the book from. Nakamoto stated,

What you see is referred to as a hill cipher, composed of a 2 x 2 matrix. I’ve gone ahead and provided the n values…This is the place I have chosen to write the book from for the duration of this time.

The solution to this gives the name ‘Bridgetown’ which is the capital of Barbados. While nobody knows whether this is the right answer or not, it does align with Nakamoto’s claims that they were brought up in the Caribbean.

Nakamoto released a number of further statements about the book and their life in general. After talking about the reasons for writing the book, they explained the reasons for starting the foundation website.

This website was set up primarily for the purpose of a book as a simple means of communication. For now it serves the purpose of being a gateway to communicating about the book to the outside world.

However, after the first chapter was released, this individual was criticized as the writing wasn’t Satoshi’s writing style. The individual clarified that a ghostwriter had been hired and that’s what made it different. They assured that, ultimately, Satoshi was responsible for what was being written in the book and that mistakes are always a possibility.

No one can write about a life better than the one who lived it.You may have realized as I have that the way you write doesn’t match the way you speak. This is what one would refer to as informal or conversational dictation. This is how the book will be made.

Satoshi explained that a ghostwriter was used as he both wanted to tell his story to the world and make it a compelling read by hiring a good writer. He also released a cryptic statement which is as follows.

No one knows the history of what came before better than those involved. I don’t feel the obligation to explain what I mean by this. Maybe look to line 1279, main.cpp in the prototype if you want to find a more obvious answer.

Satoshi is emotional about the book and it clearly means a lot to him, assuming that this is the real Satoshi. It was stated that once the book releases, the site will be taken down. Then, Satoshi released a last public statement before the release of the book.

I hope everyone, including you enjoy the book. For surely I will pour all my effort, time, and really all of me into it.

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