Software Giant SAP Rolls Out Blockchain Service Platform

Software Giant SAP Rolls Out Blockchain Service Platform

Software multinational enterprise SAP has announced the launch of its cloud platform aimed at helping corporates develop their blockchain-based applications and networks.

SAP Leonardo Blockchain, a blockchain-as-a-service platform, was launched on Wednesday, June 6, at an SAP event. The official announcement by SAP notes that the cloud-based solution will provide corporate with a framework to build their business applications on top of blockchain systems like MultiChain and Hyperledger Fabric.

SAP said in the announcement that this blockchain service is being officially rolled out after working with tens of different software companies as a part of its Blockchain Co-Innovation Initiative that trialed the nascent technology in different industries including supply chain, pharmaceuticals, transportation, food, telecommunication, and manufacturing.

The company’s head of digital customer service initiatives as well as senior vice president for product and innovation, Gil Perez, explained that the company doesn’t want to commit to anyone underpinning DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and wants to remain flexible as the blockchain industry changes and grows.

Earlier last month, the company was reported to be working with Naturipe Farms, as well as Maple Leaf and Johnsonville, the US sausage maker, as a part of its Farm to Consumer initiative. The project aims to track the origin of food items across the supply chain.

Additionally, SAP is forming a blockchain consortium, members of which can freely use the tech developed by the group. Even firms like Intel, HP Enterprise, and UPS, are part of the consortium.

The newly launched blockchain service makes SAP the latest software giant to roll out a platform focused at enterprise blockchain application development, following other similar works done by tech giants like IBM, Tencent, Microsoft, and Chinese Baidu.

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