XRP [XRP]’s Status as a Cryptocurrency Questioned by Roger Ver

XRP [XRP]’s Status as a Cryptocurrency Questioned by Roger Ver

During an interview with Crypto, a well-known Youtube channel, Roger Ver, the CEO of Bitcoin.com spoke about his initial investment in Ripple and Bitcoin.

Roger Ver, popularly known as the Bitcoin Jesus said that he got involved in Bitcoin in the year of 2011 and bought Bitcoin [BTC] when it was one dollar. He adds that he brought Bitcoins from the Co-Founder of Mt. Gox, Jed McCaleb.

He said:

“I sent the money to buy them [BTC] to the personal bank account of Jed McCaleb who was the owner of Mt. Gox before Mark Karples took it over from him. That’s how early I am.”

The CEO of Bitcoin.com further said that Jed McCaleb also started Ripple but then had to leave because of a fallout. Roger also mentioned that he was ‘technically the second person to be involved in Ripple.’

According to him, in 2012, Jed McCaleb, who is also the Founder of Stellar Lumens [XLM] approached him with a proposal to invest in Ripple. Jed thought that Bitcoin [BTC] mining was wasteful and he could come up with a better version of Bitcoin that did not need mining which could use less electricity but at the same time do everything that Bitcoin could do in a reliably and uncontrollable way.

Roger said:

“Bitcoin was two dollars each and I was doing everything I could to get the traction in the world but I didn’t have that much traction and the entire market cap was maybe ten million bucks… So I said sure, no problem.”

Ver mistakenly referred to the XRP token as ‘Ripple’, further said that ‘today it’s even arguable if Ripple is a cryptocurrency’, as Ripple can freeze customers bank account whenever they want. The whole idea of Ripple was to make Bitcoin without the mining requirement, he stated.

Roger Ver stated the part which has been the most frustrating with the whole scaling debate and cryptocurrency adoption worldwide is that everybody including the governments is trying to take control.

Roger also mentioned that he wants to see people being able to use a money that they can have 100% complete control over and don’t have to get permission from anybody to anything. According to him, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has those characteristics.

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