Roger Ver Joins Liven Advisory Board

Roger Ver Joins Liven Advisory Board

Sydney, Australia- February 25, 2019- Blockchain superstar and CEO Roger Ver aka ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ is now an advisor to Liven, the Australian startup with ambitions to bring crypto to the real world starting with being the international currency of cuisine. With Liven’s user-friendly app, diners can
register, find local eats and settle the bill as easily as booking an Uber, earning cryptocurrency rewards at more than 1,000 currently participating eateries and counting.

LivenPay is an existing mobile payment and loyalty platform starting with the food and beverage industry that offers a universal network rewards currency, LivenCoin (LVN), to users who transact in-app to be used within Liven’s network of merchants. Users have the option of saving their earnings in their Liven wallet to use on their next transaction, sending peer to peer in real time to their friends or donating to a nominated non-profit or community organisation.

LVN is a business backed blockchain token governed by a decentralised reward protocol, launching on an existing network of more than 1,000 brick-and-mortar merchants, a technical reach of over 20,000 venues via point of sale integration and over 400,000 users. LivenPay won the 2019 Sir Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge for both the Blockchain & Digital Payments categories for building a seamless on and off ramp to the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem with social impact built into its model.

Roger Ver Liven

Ver, who was born and raised in Silicon Valley but now operates from Tokyo, was the world’s first investor in Bitcoin startups including,, Ripple, Bitpay, Kraken, and Binance amongst others. As a leading figure in the Bitcoin community, he was also a major contributor to the establishment of the Bitcoin Foundation and continues to support the efforts of the foundation through numerous donations. He joins Liven’s advisory board with immediate effect.

“The future of cryptocurrencies depends on practical applications for real people and Liven is a prime example of this,” enthused Ver. “I am excited at this opportunity to grow with them and demonstrate the power of
cryptocurrencies to the wider world.”

Liven was founded by university friends Grace Wong, William Wong and David Ballerini in 2014, receiving $10 million of VC funding in 2017. They observed that although loyalty schemes were ubiquitous in the retail and hospitality industries, rewards points were held centrally in silos, were non-transferable and had a limited shelf-life.

“We are simply ecstatic that a genuine global star such as Roger Ver has joined our advisory board,” said a delighted Grace Wong, Co-founder & Chief Evangelist of Liven. “Roger’s belief in us demonstrates further proof that what we are setting out to do with Liven will truly change the way the world engages in its favourite pastimes, starting with dining out, and that’s just the beginning. By making it not only more exciting, but also more frequent for our users by rewarding them with a cryptocurrency that can appreciate in value as the ecosystem grows.”

The LivenPay Public Token sale will open on the 28 February 2019.

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