Ripple [XRP] Price Update: Close Cut Battle Between BCH And XRP For 3rd Position
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Ripple [XRP] Price Update: Close Cut Battle Between BCH And XRP For 3rd Position

XRP vs BCH: In the past 7 days, Bitcoin Cash had reached a peak of $1826 and is currently stable at $1652. This sudden increase comes after at least 2 weeks of the very slow incline where the lowest point recorded was at around $1250. Its market cap is more than $28 Billion, just $3 billion short of Ripple [XRP]’s.

Ripple [XRP] has been making its investors very anxious; especially in the past 2 weeks. If you observe its price fluctuation closely, you’ll observe that a lot of resistance is there on the $1 mark but it had no problem reaching a high of $.92 in the last 7 days.

ripple priceSource: Coinmarketcap

Although, that was also short-lived as the price is hovering around $.8 and there seems to be no sign of crossing it, despite Ripple rolling out new partnership news. Its price has been falling consistently for the past 3 days after reaching this week’s high of $.92. Bitcoin Cash needs a $200 increase in price to take the third position by market cap. Judging by its growth in the past 1 hour, there is a slight chance that it may cross Ripple. XRapid, Ripple [XRP]’s new solution for liquidity problems which aims to facilitate faster transactions while minimizing liquidity costs for payment providers; many hope that this news might push the price above $1.

Mercury-FX seems to be quite pleased with the solution.

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