Ripple Gives Sneak Peak Into University Blockchain Research Initiative
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Ripple Gives Sneak Peak Into University Blockchain Research Initiative

In the latest RIpple Insights article, the company released the first article in its OnCampus dedicated to giving readers an insight into the company’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI).

This article features Professor Cesare Fracassi, the director of this initiative in the new Center for Analytics and Transformational Technologies at the University of Texas at Austin. He talks about the work underway at the University and also the impact of UBRI.

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Talking about Professor Fracassi’s goal, the article said:

“Professor Fracassi’s ultimate goal is to leverage UBRI to accelerate what he sees as lagging understanding of blockchain in academia. By expanding its presence on the UT Austin campus and building an interdisciplinary approach to its study, he believes students will be best set up to advance blockchain innovation after graduation.”

Talking about the importance of blockchain to the University, the article said:

“Professor Fracassi suggests that one reason blockchain is so important to the University is its interdisciplinary nature. He observed that academia is traditionally a highly specialized world where teams and students focus on one area of study.
By contrast, a subject like blockchain spans multiple topics such as science, engineering and law, while also having application in distinct industries such as finance, identity and healthcare. Its study allows the University to provide students with exposure to a variety of colleges within UT Austin.”

Talking about how UBRI has helped, the article said:

“The addition of funds through UBRI has allowed Professor Fracassi and the Center to expand the range of students taking this blockchain-related coursework. This fall, the university expanded course offerings to include MBA, graduate level business analytics and computer science, and undergrad students. He expects about 200 students enrolling in these classes in the spring semester.”

Talking about it further, the article said:

“This expansion is both exciting and challenging because the same material must be taught in very different ways depending on the students and their areas of study. The MBA, CompSci and undergrad courses cover much of the same ground, but each group has distinct needs and interests. For example, business students are more interested in the applications of blockchain, while computer science students are more focused on the technical coding elements.”

Adding to it, the article said:

“Beyond just offering these new classes, UBRI funds will allow for a new fintech-focused track, the addition of more faculty to focus on the topic, and more professional development and subject matter expertise among existing faculty. All of this is geared to funding three UBRI program goals: support for research, support for teaching, and outreach to the community in Austin and Texas more broadly.”

Talking about Professor Fracassi’s plans to expand the project, the article said:

“UBRI will also allow Professor Fracassi to lead more university-wide research into blockchain. He is currently spearheading an effort to review proposals from students and faculty across campus that are interested in receiving funds for blockchain research projects. He is enthusiastic about UBRI because it allows UT Austin to jumpstart their program and to work in tandem with other universities in the UBRI program.”

In conclusion, the article said:

“Ultimately, he hopes to have the Center operational and research projects funded within the next six months. By year two or three, he envisions having fully embedded blockchain into the University and its coursework as machine learning is now. He acknowledges that blockchain remains niche today, but his goal is to make it core to the University — in a way that reflects its reach and use in the real world.”

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