Ripple May Cross $1 Mark Very Soon - Again!

Ripple May Cross $1 Mark Very Soon – Again!

During the months of December 2017 and January 2018, Ripple (XRP) had seen the highest ever jump from $0.25 to a record high of $3.75.

Since then, this popular cryptocurrency and many others have been experiencing a downfall due to all the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) being spread, regulations being imposed by governments of many countries, and loss of faith in ICOs as many of them turn out to be scams despite being transparent.

After what seems like an eternity of ‘hodling’ (slang for hold), these past three months have been testing the patience of crypto-investors and like any other test, only a few will get to rejoice.

Current Price of Ripple

At the moment of writing this article Ripple is hovering around the $.9 mark and due to the rumor that Binance is going to add USD/XRP pairings, people hope that the price crosses the $1 mark.

Ripple has observed a positive change of 5.15% over the past 24 hrs and has grown by more than $1 Billion in market cap.

Why is Ripple Rising?

Ripple’s rise was inevitable. There were a lot of partnerships signed with the mainstream financial institutions. These partnerships were forecasted to increase the price of Ripple significantly. However, for quite a long while since the last spike, the prices of Ripple have been low.

The bubble built and collapsed around Bitcoin was one of the main reasons behind the fall of Ripple’s price. Bitcoin’s bad publicity led to a severe correction which every coin had to suffer early in 2018. Regardless of that, XRP is finding its way to the top again.

XRP’s approach towards reaching out to its potential market is finally showing results. The prices of XRP are finally increasing and are expected to reach the 1 USD mark soon, which would be followed by the other important marks for the cryptocurrency.

What Now?

While Ripple won’t probably be the next Bitcoin, it would perform spectacularly in the future. It won’t shoot up to ridiculously high rates, and would instead see a slow and steady growth built on market activity and genuine partnerships.

Cryptocurrencies would soon be the interest of long-term investors, instead of those looking forward to gaining quick profits from cryptocurrencies. This would change the overall outlook of investors and the general public towards cryptocurrencies. It would also reduce the volatility of the crypto market.

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