Ripple Announces that Counting Crows and Bill Clinton would Headline Swell 2018
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Ripple Announces that Counting Crows and Bill Clinton would Headline Swell 2018

Ripple just tweeted that Counting Crows would be performing in Customer Celebration at Swell on the evening of October 1st.

As Ripple puts it:

“Swell by Ripple is the only event today where blockchain, finance and policy converge — a meeting ground for more than five hundred industry experts committed to changing the way money moves around the world.”

The program would begin with a keynote delivered by Bill Clinton, followed by keynotes by leaders from global banks such as Banco Santander and Siam Commercial Bank wherein they would talk about how Ripple’s blockchain technology has opened up—and continues opening up—new opportunities in remittances all around the world.

At the end of the day, there would be sessions taken by innovators in international payments such as Cuallix IDT, InstaRem, and BeeTech, on a wide range of topics, “from cheaper and faster payments through RippleNet to digital asset adoption across the financial services industry.”

On the second day, Amy Radin, author, and Fortune 100 chief innovation officer, Ben Braybn, head of Level39, and Tokunboh Ishmael, chairwoman of the African Venture Capital Association and managing director and founder of Alitheia Capital, would discuss how they ended up embracing disruptive technology as a part and parcel of their organizational ethos. The discussion would take place with Kahina Van Dyke, the SVP of Business and Corporate Development of Ripple, as the moderator.

The attendees would be able to directly connect with each other for establishing new corridors and services using RippleNet. The attendees would be given an opportunity for exploring these partnerships in a “lightning round” session.

At Swell 2018, it would be the customers and their stories which would take up the limelight. The event would undoubtedly help individuals and companies create new connections.

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Ripple has been actively going to conferences and events to promote itself. Recently, Ripple Co-founder, Chris Larsen, went to the Crypto Finance Conference in California in which he was interviewed by Cheddar. In the interview, he spoke about the future of the crypto space:

“Blockchain doesn’t quite capture what’s really going on here. We think what’s happening is really the creation of what we would call an Internet of Value. So we think that has a profound impact on how the world is going to work. Maybe it’s kind of the highest level—we almost see it as the completion of globalization, which is obviously not working for everybody right now. It’s getting a lot of blowback and I think it’s not because globalization is bad, it’s because it’s incomplete—some key thing is missing, and that key thing is interoperability of money. You have it with data, you have it with goods—shipping containers, and modern ports, but you don’t have it with money. Money is still stuck in the ’70s.”

He also talked about the huge amount of competition Ripple is facing in the FinTech industry:

“It’s good. I mean, it’s kind of gratifying to see that, you know, we’ve been doing this now, focusing on cross-border payments for enterprises for four years plus. It’s good to see people finally realizing yes, this is the area that’s going to have the highest impact[…]We’ve been at it for longer than anybody, and what matters here is what quarters you have, number of partners—we have hundreds of banks and payment providers[…]Not just in experimentation mode but full production mode.”

Speaking about the recent lawsuit, he said:

“You’re always going to see these big players who are going to take advantage of the way the legal system enables an opportunity to do things like that. But we think these things have no merit, and some of those players have long histories of doing just this kind of thing. So we’re very confident about what Ripple is doing, and we’re very confident about where this industry is going in a positive way.”

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