Results of Riddle Competition

Enjoyed decoding the riddle? So did we!

The riddle competition powered by Alttex has finally reached an end. We have received overwhelming responses from you guys. The sheer number of participants we’ve had for this competition has been nothing short of motivational for us.

Most of you guys were quite close to the right answer but only a handful of you could find the exact answer which we were looking for.

ANSWER: Ethereum Casper PoW

As promised, we would be giving away 10,000 USD worth of tokens to the winners. The judging criteria for deciding the winners has been the accuracy of the answer and the time of submission. Here’s a list of all the winners:

1st Prize: Natasha Botarov | 0x7155222C4AAa4Ff12F906048b137E9569d4Bc9EA | 4/19/2018 14:57:00 IST

Reason for Victory: Was the only one who answered “Ethereum Casper PoW”

2nd Prize: Jesper Holtz | 0x3F52BCea96B0fD7f287d309dF6E16d3Ab50ecA0C | 4/18/2018 17:35:37 IST

Reason for Victory: Answered “Casper” & Timestamp

3rd Prize: Pietro Baiguini | 0x8a4ce36C5E5b7d1A0B548B75221d615390D51199 | 4/18/2018 17:38:51 IST

Reason for Victory: Answered “Devon Sawa “big shot” was playing the role of “CASPER” in the movie. “CASPER” also the “big shot” of Ethereum technology advocated by Vitalik Buterin.” & Timestamp

4th Prize: D. Wesselius | 0xA3dD3409F9304eb3a1BF730d6EFa2311C19AeF17 | 4/18/2018 17:48:06 IST

Reason for Victory: Answered “Both played a major role in the development of Casper (protocol and 1995 movie).” & Timestamp

5th Prize: Devonne Burger | 0x24f1c0211a443f395df7026acf0b96f315206c22 | 4/18/2018 18:26:13 IST

Reason for Victory: Answered “Casper” & Timestamp

Other popular answers were “Canadian”, “Russian”, “Brothers”(honestly?WHY?!), “Same Nationality”, and “Vitalik Buterin.”

Congratulations, winners! Didn’t find your name on the list of winners? Don’t be disheartened! Due to the overwhelming response, we would be conducting these competitions every week now. If you didn’t win this week, next week might be your lucky week!

On that note, we’re looking for sponsors, so if you wish to sponsor the competition in the upcoming weeks, shoot us an email at

If you have any suggestions, send us an email at!

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