Award-winning Rapper Mims to Launch a Blockchain Company

Award-winning Rapper Mims to Launch a Blockchain Company

Well, this could be another reason why Crypto’s so hot – Rapper Mims promoting blockchain for artists in the music industry.

Mims, an award-winning rapper, has now become the latest music artist to launch a blockchain company.

RecordGram, a project aimed at helping producers and musicians to connect with each other to create sensational music, uses a blockchain to facilitate royalty payments. The system uses a token called ‘tune’ to record the digital rights of artists listed on its platform and to track their royalties.

According to some statements released recently, Mims has revealed that he will be taking part in the Crypto Influencer Summit this month, where he’ll also talk about this project in great detail. He also plans to perform at the event.

Crypto Influencer Summit is a part of New York’s Blockchain Week, co-sponsored by BOOSTO and, two of the major blockchain based social media platform startups. The event is set to take place on May 17.

Brendan Eich, the founder of Basic Attention Token, will also be participating in the event and discussing his project with other attendees.

The system of RecordGram works through a mobile app and allows both, the musicians and producers to sign up for it. According to its official website, users can not only create and save short audio clips and notes on the app but also share their creation with other members. Likewise, users can listen to music clips shared by other musicians.

Tune token, licensed by RecordGram, was created with the main motive of solving issues related to digital songwriter rights and transparency in royalty payments, which are widespread in the music industry. The platform is based on a blockchain so that the music created by musicians on the app remains immutable. These tokens can be converted to RecordGram credits any time, and can later be used to tip any artist or purchase music clips.

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