Police Track Down Dark Web Drug Dealer With Bitcoin Transactions
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Police Track Down Dark Web Drug Dealer With Bitcoin Transactions

Gal Vallerius (36) from France was arrested by the police in September at the Atlanta airport. His criminal activity was traced by the police from his Bitcoin account. The French man has pleaded guilty to selling drugs on the dark web. He was arrested while he was travelling to take part in a moustache and beard contest.

As per the investigator, Vallerius used the name OxyMonster Dark Web. He settled a “tip jar” on the Dream Market marketplace. He did not make use of the marketplace’s internal payment systems which processed transactions with the help of a transaction anonymizer for gathering his tips.

The police found out that out of the 17 outgoing transactions from the tip jar, 15 were going to Vallerius’ Bitcoin wallet that he maintained on LocalBitcoins. With this information, they were able to deduce that he OxyMonster. They also learned that the writing style of Vallerius’ and OxyMonster’s on Instagram and Twitter had various similarities.

Vallerius’ laptop was seized by the US border agents when he visited the US in the fall. With his laptop, the officials were able to confirm that he was OxyMonster. Additionally, authorities found other proofs on the laptop including PGP encryption key he used for signing messages, credentials for logging in on Dream Market, and bitcoin wallets with addresses connected to OxyMonster vendor accounts.

The charges against OxyMonster included the selling of various drugs like fentanyl, LSD, oxycodone, Methamphetamine and cocaine.

After trying for nine months to escape from a lifelong prison sentence, Vallerius accepted selling Ritalin and oxycodone on the Dream Market and signed a guilty plea. He also accepted the charge of conspiracy to launder money and to keep it with the intention of distributing illegal goods and controlled substances. The charges against him are accounting for a sentence of 20 years in prison.

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