Customers can now Connect with Photographer on Stock Photo via Blockchain

Customers can now Connect with Photographer on Stock Photo via Blockchain

The blockchain-based marketplace developed by Wemark aims to help photographers capitalize on the ever-growing levels of demand seen from the digital content industry — giving them a chance to establish new relationships, license photos to businesses directly and experience a much higher level of control and transparency.

Tai Kaish, Wemark’s CEO, told Cointelegraph: “More often than not, creators are left with only a small part of the revenue and very little transparency and control. Blockchain changes this. Digital content licensing is a perfect use case for smart contracts, which facilitate payments and licensing directly between creators and customers.”

Keren Sachs, a former director of content development at Shutterstock who is now an advisor at Wemark, added:

“This is a tremendous milestone for Wemark. The world’s leading content providers have entrusted us with their photos before we have even licensed an image. They believe in what we are building and the future of the content licensing on the blockchain.”

Wemark launched the alpha version of its marketplace earlier this month, with over 130,000 images from the start. The company says more parts of its collection are being added to the site and will soon provide more than a million commercial photographs from which to choose. In part, this has been achieved through partnerships with organizations such as CAVAN, Monkey Business, and Caia Image — with Wemark claiming that premium collections from these image providers regularly top the sales rankings of Getty Images and Shutterstock.

The protocol developed by Wemark is set to replace the major responsibilities of the agencies today. According to the company, the blockchain that is powering the protocol becomes the new middleman. This could make content distribution more efficient, transparent and fair by eliminating third parties and retaining control for content creators and consumers — not agencies.

Wemark tokens are going to become available once the company concludes its token generation event, which is due to commence on July 24.

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