Partnership between Alibaba Cloud (Japan) and IOSToken (IOST)

Partnership between Alibaba Cloud (Japan) and IOSToken (IOST)

The IOSToken (IOST) has partnered with Japan-based Alibaba Cloud.

Its partnership with Alibaba Cloud’s computing company in Japan, also called SB Cloud, will be significant as then IOSToken (IOST) will have a platform to simplify Blockchain technology on the cloud.

SB Cloud was co-founded by Softbank, one of the largest Telecom operators in Japan, and Alibaba Cloud provides high-performance cloud technology to help the businesses perform at their best level.

Alibaba Cloud is committed to the highest levels of compliance including PCI DSS for payments, Germany’s C5 standard, HIPAA for healthcare, and the EU GDPR for data protection and privacy. It also provides record-breaking performance and is an international network.

It offers a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to help power and grow businesses. It is the third largest public cloud services provider globally and is the leading cloud provider in China. It offers numerous advantages like it is China’s most advanced and leading cloud provider, the safety of data, record-breaking performance, risk control, security, flexibility to scale in real-time and is a global network.

Blockchain and cloud computing is a growing trend that many companies are exploring. The trend was adopted by many including Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is an American cloud computing giant that launched blockchain templates in April this year.

AWS works with an aim to ensure that developing blockchain projects becomes an easier task with the use of pre-set frameworks on AWS, supporting both Ethereum’s and the Linuz Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric.

SB Cloud is expected to provide IOST’s blockchain technology and products to the users it serves. Users can get access to a cost-effective and flexible platform by having blockchain technology on a cloud computing system. It will leverage upon the benefit of decentralization as IT equipment failure will not affect the entire network.

The partnership indeed will be a significant combination of blockchain technology with cloud computing technology to the level to compete with the world famous AWS. The concept of ‘Blockchain as a service’ will be promoted via the partnership and IOST will expand to Japan too.

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