Opera to Launch Desktop Browser with Built-In Crypto Wallet Functionality

Opera to Launch Desktop Browser with Built-In Crypto Wallet Functionality

Opera will be soon launching its desktop browser with built-in cryptocurrency wallet functionality, according to a press release on Wednesday, August 8.

In July, Opera launched a mobile crypto wallet as part of the beta version of Opera browser for Android users. The firm cites an overwhelmingly positive response and a “strong interest” from the crypto community as major reasons behind its latest move.

The new desktop web browser will enable the users to connect their Opera browser to their existing cryptocurrency wallet mobile app by just scanning a QR code – a system the firm has been using for years now to synchronize desktop-mobile applications, for example, with Whatsapp client.

Using such a system for desktop-mobile connection means that the crypto wallet can utilize the phone’s secure system lock to make it easy for users to sign all their transactions using their fingerprints instead of entering their password into the web browser, which the press release notes not only increases efficiency but also makes it essentially more secure. Opera’s existing cryptocurrency wallet for Android is “user-controlled”, which means that the keys are stored on phone and not on a centralized server.

As with the mobile crypto app, the desktop client will not just support tokens but digital collectibles as well. Charles Hamel, product lead of Opera crypto, commented that this move towards browser integration represents a further step in “making cryptos and Web 3.0 mainstream”.

As of January this year, Opera’s mobile and web browsers have included an anti-cryptojacking software.

In June, some rumors spread that famous crypto trading and brokerage app Robinhood would be offering crypto wallet functionality after the platform announced some job vacancies for cryptocurrency engineers.

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