Ontology Releases OWallet, its Official Desktop Wallet

Ontology Releases OWallet, its Official Desktop Wallet

Ontology, the high performing public blockchain has been releasing several updates throughout the year and they just announced another good news. OWallet, the official desktop wallet by Ontology is now available for Windows and MacOS platforms.

The OWallet includes three different types of wallets- individual wallets, shared wallets, and ledger hardware wallet support.

For users interested in downloading and using Ontology’s wallet, the company has released detailed, step-by-step instructions that will walk one through all the steps of creating each of these wallets.

The individual wallet is just a basic wallet that requires only one signature to sign a transaction. The individual wallet page shows the wallet address, public key, transaction history, ONT and ONG asset balance and send and receive functions for MainNet ONT. The user interface of the wallet is simple.

Next is the shared wallet that allows more than one person to access the wallet as well as requires multiple signatures to sign transactions. OWallet allows for 2-12 co-payers on a shared wallet. Each co-payer gets their own corresponding key to access the wallet.

Once the shared wallet is created the co-payers can modify transaction rules. For example, how many co-payers need to sign a transaction before it is executed. In addition to the features available on the individual wallet page, the shared wallet page also displays the shared wallet rule, the name of the participants and their corresponding individual wallet addresses and pending transaction information.

The announcement also includes information about setting up the OWallet with one’s Ledger Nano S. If those instructions aren’t enough, Ledger has released a step-by-step guide as well.

The current version of the OWallet doesn’t support the NEP 5/MainNet token swap. However, the team announced that the next version of the wallet will include support for this swap.

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