On-chain Social Network 'Blockpress' Launched; New Features to be Added Soon

On-chain Social Network ‘Blockpress’ Launched; New Features to be Added Soon

Blockpress, a new social networking platform based on Bitcoin Cash blockchain, launched earlier this week.

Although the application is still in the testing phase, it has received great reviews from experts in the industry. The team describes it as an application that allows its users to create content, share it, and connect with one another, without involving any intermediaries in the process.

Jamie Redman at news.bitcoin.com gave a test flight to the new social media service and rendered it a smooth-running application. However, he recommended users to use just a small portion of BCH as the platform is still in the testing phase.

Users can set up their profile on Blockpress with just a microtransaction of BCH. But it is noteworthy that using every feature on the platform requires you to spend a tiny portion of your Bitcoin Cash, no matter how small. For example, one has to pay for setting up a cover photo on their profile or even something like an avatar.

It is comparable to Memo, another on-chain platform based on BCH, launched last month. But according to Jamie, Blockpress has a way better UI. He added that despite its resemblance with Twitter’s user interface, Blockpress functions differently.

The team is also said to be working on integrating IPFS (Inter-planetary File System) into the platform very soon.

To get started, one needs to transfer some BCH to their Blockpress account, after which they can proceed with setting up their profile. Users can post up to 70 characters including emojis on the platform, although the users can expect increased character limit (up to 220 characters) by May 15. Since the network is based on BCH blockchain, everything that the users post on the platform will automatically get stored on the blockchain.

Blockpress still lacks many advanced features, expected to be added later this month.

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