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Pornhub, perhaps the most successful freemium porn site, has started accepting the cryptocurrency Verge (XVG).

According to the press release the adult entertainment streaming site published on April 17, Pornhub would now be accepting Verge as a means of payment for Pornhub Premium, and the other Pornhub purchases. And it isn’t just Pornhub which now accepts cryptocurrencies, so do its adult sister sites such as Brazzers and Nutaku.

Verge puts a lot of focus on anonymity, which makes it a better choice for payments over other potential partners. While anyone can view Verge cryptocurrency transactions via its public ledger, it uses Tor, an anonymity tool, and I2P, an anonymous network layer, to hide the IP addresses and locations of the transactions.

Corey Price, the Vice President of Pornhub, said in the press release:

“History has proven that the adult entertainment industry plays a critical role in adoption for innovative technology. We saw that with VHS, Beta Max, credit card payment icons and, most recently, VR goggles. We expect to see widespread adoption of crypto and blockchain in short order.”

They had earlier released a video titled “The Future Has Cum”, which is basically a dialogue between a grandfather and his grandson in the year 2077. The video talks about how Verge becomes the currency of the world in the future.

Apart from the promotional video on Youtube, they are planning to host events in Silicon Valley and New York City with the “renowned pornstar Asa Akira in an armored truck and Escalade fleet, as well as Bridgette B and Alix Lynx accompanied by an armada of luxury cars including a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bentley.” In the promotions, the pornstars would give away Verge coins to promote the partnership.

The founder of Verge, Justin Sunerok, said that the partnership with Pornhub “represents an enormous market with a global reach that will compete with fiat currencies.”

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