Check out More: A Crypto Nightclub in Las Vegas

Check out More: A Crypto Nightclub in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, a city with one of the biggest nightlife in the world now even has a cryptocurrency nightclub called More. This club has its own cryptocurrency known as More Coin and you need to own it to be able to even enter the club. While Ether and Bitcoin may be experiencing a slump, it is not stopping people from investing in crypto, and this nightclub is just one example of that.

This is a club where the token doubles as de facto membership. Owning 5000 MORE coins or more makes you a MORE Las Vegas member.

Peter Klamka, the owner of More and involved with The Legends Room gentlemen’s club commented on More,

[MORE Coin is] the intersection of nightlife and crypto demonstrating a real-world application of blockchain tech.

MORE Coin trades on the Bittrex exchange and was created by Klamka. This ERC-20 based token is trading at a little over 15 cents with a market cap of $310,000.

MORE Las Vegas is a special and exclusive area inside the Hyde nightclub which itself is located inside the Bellagio hotel and casino. To first get in, you have to reach out to a person named Joey. This gives the club the opportunity to know that you are coming and your holdings in the coin as well. The staff working inside are trained to accept cryptocurrency payments, however, the prices are written in USD. They aren’t picky about the (crypto)currency they accept. For example,  whether you want to pay in Bitcoin or MORE coin, it is fine either way.

According to a spokesperson, the club has 1500 members, however, she emphasized that since coin ownership is the only thing that makes you a member, the number keeps fluctuating.

Looking at it simply, MORE nightclub is just another club in Vegas. However, for the world of crypto, it may mean much more than that. It’s an actual brick and mortar business in an industry that essentially runs virtually.

Klamka further talked about plans to open in Miami and other cities and based his business model on people buy and selling club memberships on the blockchain.

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