Ten New Bitcoin ATMs Installed in Prague

Ten New Bitcoin ATMs Installed in Prague

Prague residents using the city subway system can now access 10 newly installed cryptocurrency ATMs.

General Bytes, one of the largest manufacturers of bitcoin ATMs in the world, recently installed ten new cryptocurrency ATMs throughout the subway system in Prague, Czech Republic. General Bytes is the manufacturer of roughly about 27% of bitcoin ATMs in the world. Prague metro system, the fifth busiest in Europe, allows its commuters to purchase crypto assets at different locations spread across the system, at their convenience.

Locations of these ATMs as revealed by General bytes, are: Flora, Skalka, Florenc, Můstek, Dejvická, Zličín, Černý Most, Pankrác, Nádraží Veleslavín, and Hlavní Nádraží. These newly installed ATMs are likely to receive a good response from commuters, as Prague is usually seen as a booming crypto hub with a large number of crypto-enthusiasts. The area is home to many crypto businesses and even to the Cryptoanarchy Institute.

Compared to other governments, the government of Czech Republic is quite friendly towards bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Czech politicians, too, have stayed away from regulating digital currencies and describing them as a ‘commodity’ or ‘currency’. However, the matter is being well-discussed among the tax authorities.

Just last year, the Czech National Bank issued a paper called as ‘Don’t be afraid of bitcoin’. Moreover, Alza, a well-known online retailer, introduced crypto payments and installed 2 crypto ATMs in its showroom. Just a few days ago, Pražská Plynárenská, one of the major energy suppliers in the country, announced its plan to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments.

With these 10 new crypto ATMs, Prague now has 27 crypto ATMs in total. The Czech Republic has 46 cryptocurrency ATMs across the country, a majority of which have been manufactured by General Bytes. General Bytes has put up a video on its site explaining how to use BATMTwo automated tellers.

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