to launch Blockchain Hubs in Australia and New Zealand
News to launch Blockchain Hubs in Australia and New Zealand

The Foundation, the creators of XEM cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer NEM blockchain system announced that they will be launching two new blockchain hubs- Australia and New Zealand. These hubs are meant to serve as education and knowledge hubs of Blockchain technology.

These hubs will be located at The Precinct in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and EPIC Westport at Westport and will have a NEM representative responsible for sharing the basic information about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with the general public and members of the community. These hubs will also provide support to startups and businesses looking to integrate blockchain into their operations. This support will be provided through workshops, hackathons, workshops and forums held throughout the year.

Jason Lee, the Foundation Expansion Director for Australia and New Zealand said,

The priority for the NEM Blockchain Hubs is to educate and inform the general public and businesses about the benefits and applications of blockchain. Secondly, we want to be able to attract software developers, startups and the wider blockchain community to explore and develop use care of the NEM blockchain technology platform.The Foundation has an existing fund which has been helping kick-start six companies in Australia and New Zealand and with the launch of these hubs, we are looking forward to fund more businesses and work with ecosystem members who would like to go on this journey with us.

The NEM Blockchain hub in Brisbane is hosted by TravelByBit, a NEM funded company that wants to open up Australia to cryptocurrency tourism. Caleb Yeoh, the CEO of TravelByBit and a board member of Blockchain Australia gave the following statement

We have been a part of the crypto and blockchain community in Australia for some time and the development of the NEM Blockchain Hub will have a positive step forwards towards education and adoption in cryptocurrency.

The hub at Westport, New Zealand is hosted by the CerebralFix Group, a gaming studio that works with Disney, Dreamworks and BBC. This hub will have a co-working space, regular engaging activities and an incubation platform for businesses using the NEM Blockchain.

NEM is hosting a launch event at EPIC Westport on July 25 and The Precinct on August 10th. Apart from these hubs, the Foundation also encourages startups to join the NEM ecosystem and expand their use of blockchain.

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