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Neil Bryant Discusses Augmented Reality and its Applications

Recently, the CoinFrenzy team got the opportunity to interview Neil Bryant.

Neil has worked with Badoo, the dating app, and website as the Global Marketing Manager of the company in the UK for five years, after which he started working for SD Ventures, a company with multiple dating sites. He was the head of business development out there.

After a considerable amount of experience in the dating industry, he moved on to the financial services industry and then launched an international media portal based in Russia and spent 3 years out there.

Finally, he got involved in Augmented Reality and got started with about six months ago.

Upon asking about Arround, he said that Arround would be creating a very different experience—something along the lines of Snapchat filters, only better and more immersive. In his own words:

“What we’re trying to do is creating full-on augmented reality experiences you can share with your friends. So, we’ve got this idea of having bubbles, leaving them around so you can do restaurant reviews, and leave it outside the restaurant, or you could create bubbles inside the restaurant. You could leave bookmarks for yourself just like you leave a bookmark. Just like you bookmark on the browser, you could leave little bookmarks for yourself around the city.”

The idea seems pretty useful for the food bloggers and explorers amongst us. Even if you aren’t a frequent traveler, the app would help you keep track of where you kept your belongings. The app would create 3D maps of your house or office or any other place you might want to have mapped.

Imagine how the idea would revolutionize the real-estate industry. It would enable people to have a look at how the building would look like once made. This would help them make better decisions.

Here’s the complete podcast:

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Syed Ali Mudassar
It was when he was pursuing his graduation in Computer Science that he found his flair for writing about new and existing technologies. He likes researching about technologies and how they could help people. Currently, he works as the Content Manager at CoinFrenzy, a leading blockchain news, and media publication website.