NANO Now Accepted At Bitcoin Superstore, Sees Price Increase

Nano, a global cryptocurrency company announced that their cryptocurrency will be accepted at Bitcoin Superstore, the world’s only crypto store. The Bitcoin superstore has almost all of the retail stores worldwide such as Amazon,Alibaba and John Lewis. Customers can use cryptocurrencies to pay for their purchases and NANO was just added to the mix.

Other cryptocurrencies currently accepted by the store Bitcoin(BTC), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Dash, Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin(LTC),Tron(TRX) and(XRP).

Nano made this announcement through its Twitter account.

On August 15, Nano also posted a mid-week update.

Testing of v15 on the beta network has been going great. We’ve seen a drastic decrease in bandwidth due to the new Vote by Hash system. There are just a few days of testing left and we look forward to its release at the end of the week! $nano

The Nano community is experiencing a number of other developments as well that has led to a hike of 43.4%.

Earlier in August, the London Block Exchange announced a partnership with Nano and stated that it would soon be listing NANO on its platform, making this the first NANO and British Pound pairing.

Last month, the Nano community raised an amount of more than 230 NANO from the users of the subreddit of Nano. A user on reddit talked about how the Venezuelan economy directly affects the standard of living of people. Initially, he was donated only 0.5 NANO. However, a series of donations was made after the initial one went viral. This amount accounted for a large amount, when taken in consideration to the Venezuelan economy.

Nicholas Merten, the Founder of DataDash on YouTube commented on this.

When I saw what you all were doing for people in financially-torn Venezuela, it tugged my heart strings. THIS is what crypto has been missing. We’re at a time where a variety of  merging markets [Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey, etc.] are experiencing major currency crisis’s, and little to no one in crypto has taken upon the opportunity to share knowledge or some of their own crypto with citizens of these nations.

He further added about Nano’s role in this and how he was willing to contribute.

It’s the only way to take this mainstream and see its true potential. I wish to see many more of these charitable events in the ecosystem, and will happily donate some of my Nano to contribute! It’s a great moral thing to do, and it helps people realize that there is an alternative.

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