MyEtherWallet Faces Cyber Attack

MyEtherWallet Faces Cyber Attack

MyEtherWallet (MEW) has been breached again this year. This time it the popular service fell victim to a cyber attack via the Hola VPN.

MyEtherWallet is one of the popular wallet services for managing Ether. It posted a really urgent message through the popular social media platform Twitter warning about a potential cyber attack. The Hola VPN Extension was hacked for five hours which allowed the hackers to monitor the activity of some MyEtherWallet users with the help of the Extension.

The worst part is that the VPN service is apparently meant for securing the online experience of the users but it is yet again trapped in problems including the bad press.

MyEtherWallet service had advised that users should immediately move their funds to a secure wallet in case they have the Hola Extension installed. If the funds are transferred to another secure wallet, the risk will be mitigated and security will be ensured.

Hola VPN is a free virtual private network (VPN) service with almost 50 million users. Hola VPN later released a report in the form of a blog which stated:

“Yesterday our deployment team discovered that the Hola Chrome extension which was live for a few hours was not the one that our development team uploaded to the Chrome Store. After initial investigation, we found that our Google Chrome Store account was compromised, and that a hacker uploaded a modified version of the extension to the store.”

The post also stated that the version has since been taken down and that the Chrome store account has been resecured. The cyber attack was meant to redirect MEW users to the hacker’s clone website and the attack consisted of injected lines of JavaScript that allowed for the hackers to phish MEW account information.

MEW reassured the users about the safety by stating:

“The safety and security of MEW users is our priority. We’d like to remind our users that we do not hold their personal data, including passwords so they can be assured that the hackers would not get their hands on that information if they have not interacted with the Hola chrome extension in the past day.”

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