Monero Now Added On Mobi Wallet

Monero Now Added On Mobi Wallet

Mobi wallet,  a cryptocurrency wallet provider on 30 July reported that they will now be adding Monero [XMR] as part of their currency lineup. Recently,15 new cryptocurrencies were added by the app.

At present, the wallet service is currently supporting 20 cryptocurrencies. From major coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH),  Litecoin [LTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] to other coins like WaltonChain [WTC], Loopring [LRC], Golem [GNT], Basic Attention Token [BAT], and Populous [PPT].

One can use them to trade with 150 different fiat currencies such as the Japanese Yen, the Euro, US Dollar and Pound Sterling. The following statement was released on their official blog spot,  regarding the addition of Monero:

“We’re extremely pleased to be following up the recent addition of 15 different cryptocurrencies to Mobi wallet, by adding one more, Monero (XMR). Monero was a clear favorite to be integrated to Mobi. Consistently one of the top liquid assets on coinmarketcap, our customers can now access, send and receive Monero alongside their other assets without ever leaving the app.”

Bitcoin deposits above 0.05 Bitcoin aren’t charged any fee by the wallet. The fee of 0.000075 BTC per transaction for non-SegWit users and of 0.000045 BTC for SegWit users is charged by the wallet.

While at the same time exchanges between Mobi wallets are free of cost, on-chain exchanges can change progressively. Mobi brags of having one of the “best rates on this planet”, sourcing value information from a “comprehensive base of commercial sources”.

As of late Monero has been getting a great deal of help for addition on wallets, as the most recent update gave full help to Ledger wallet. The support for Ledger was set up in Monero’s GUI variant

The revolutionary features for the privacy of Monero is one of the primary reason for its utilization in the cryptocurrency world. Monero doesn’t reveal the identity information of the parties involved in the transaction.
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