Microsoft Gulf Demonstrates Innovative Solutions at Future Blockchain Summit

Microsoft Gulf Demonstrates Innovative Solutions at Future Blockchain Summit

Microsoft Gulf participated in the ongoing Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, UAE today.

The event taking place on May 2-3 is hosted by Smart Dubai at the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC). A meeting ground for tech start-ups and tech giants, FBS aims to provide tech companies a platform to demonstrate their ground-breaking blockchain solutions.

Microsoft first demonstrated Azure IoT Blockchain solution, its tech solution for transforming the supply chain industry. Demonstrators at the company’s booth showed how IoT sensors could help tracking shipments and thereby ensuring compliance with standards for shipments in the industry. These IoT sensors can also keep a record of changing temperature and humidity.

Another booth demonstrated KYC (Know Your Customer), a tech solution for the financial sector. It allows banks and financial institutions to get to know their customers better by accessing their digitally stored identity, through an app. Since it is a blockchain based solution, the data is not stored in a central repository, and is replicated across the blockchain and cannot be altered.

Necip Ozyucel, Group Lead, Cloud & Enterprise Business, Microsoft Gulf, said that Investments in Blockchain have been attracting governments from all around the world, as it could potentially transform industries ranging from healthcare to banking to governance and more.

He added,

“At Microsoft, we are on the forefront of this transformation, as we continue lead the way in this next era of computing and advancing the enterprise readiness of blockchain. Our ambition is to provide open blockchain platforms and services that speed adoption, and drive real business, economic and social value to the world.”

Avanza Solutions and Docswallet Digital Locker, Microsoft partners, showcased their tech solutions hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Docswallet Digital Locker provides a platform to digitally certify your documents in blockchain from the sources and then, store them in its digital locker, and submit when needed. Meanwhile, Avanza Solutions showed their blockchain solution ‘Cipher’, a blockchain orchestration platform.

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