Microsoft and Adents Presents New Blockchain-Based Supply Chain System
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Microsoft and Adents To Present A New Blockchain-Based Supply Chain System

Microsoft has joined forces with Adents, a supply tracking solutions provider, to build up another new product tracking platform using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

Adents NovaTrack, the new blockchain arrangement was introduced at Viva Tech 2018 in Paris. Traceability and visibility are offered from the point of origin along the whole supply chain, enabling clients to follow single item things within a case. Initially, the product was launched for the pharmaceutical sector so as to battle fake duplicates of medications, but the developers are supposedly focusing on other high-value industries.

Technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT and serialization functions, where AI is provided by Microsoft Learning and Business Intelligence are applied by Adents NovaTrack. The CEO and author of Adents, Christophe Devins commented on the collaboration:

“Our alliance with Microsoft to co-develop Adents NovaTrack will offer game-changing blockchain-based unit identification for various industries around the world. Our deep roots and successes in serialization and traceability, enhanced by Microsoft Azure Cloud technology, will provide our clients total transparency all along their supply chains and secure product authenticity for end users.”

As per the Organization for Economic Co-activity and Development (OECD), an expected 10 percent of pharmaceutical items sold worldwide and 2.5 percent of worldwide imports are fake. A month ago, U.S.- based science research marketplace uncovered a new blockchain platform intended to track and ensure the protection of pharmaceutical information. Within the project, blockchain technology will supposedly be utilized to check and approve the whole supply chain.

There is no doubt that Walmart understands the potential that Blockchain technology holds. In April, U.S. retail organization Walmart reported it was prepared to utilize blockchain in its live food business. The organization is searching for providers to put food on a blockchain which they say will lessen waste, and also enhance contamination management and transparency.

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