MetaMask goes Missing from Chrome and then Returns

MetaMask goes Missing from Chrome and then Returns

MetaMask, an Ethereum based wallet announced that they had been delisted from the Chrome Store. The company wasn’t sure why it had been delisted, however, it assured users that the issue would be fixed. Five hours later, the wallet was back on the chrome store.

MetaMask noted that Chrome was the only browser that experienced this issue, while the others did not experience the disappearance of the wallet. The company notified users that those who were currently utilizing MetaMask could continue to do so. However, through their twitter account, they warned users about phishing and other scams. The tweet read,

In the meanwhile, please be careful with any other phishing websites or plugins claiming to be MetaMask on Chrome. We will keep you posted on any new updates.

Being one of the mainstream Ethereum digital wallets, its main feature that it allows users to use the utilities of Ethereum dApps and make it run within the browser, without having to run a full Ethereum node. It also includes a secure identity vault, allowing the users to manage the user’s identities on different websites and manage blockchain transactions.

MetaMask announced that despite the option disappearing from the Chrome store, people could still download the wallet manually through their website with a detailed list of steps to follow. A lot of random websites and softwares started offering solutions. MetaMask warned users that none of these were legitimate and that users should remain careful. MetaMask even retweeted the Augur project’s tweet redirecting users to the MetaMask handle. The tweet read,

The @metamask_io currently listed in the @googlechrome app store is a fake, phishing app. Do NOT download. The real MetaMask extension has been removed this morning without explanation. Follow @metamask_io for updates.

After the app was available on the chrome store again, users expressed their joy by lauding MetaMask for their contributions to the cryptocurrency community.

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