Messages Encoded in the ETH, BCH, and BTC Blockchains Revealed by Blockchair Feed

Blockchair, a Blockchain exploration service has launched a new analytical tool. Blockchair Feed decodes the messages written into the ETH, BCH, and BTC system. The outcomes are in real-time feed involving messages that range from the clichéd to the enigmatic.

The Bitcoin Cash and core communities widely use Blockchair for searching for transactions and checking information relating to market price, network completion, and dominance. It is additionally one of the few blockchains explorers that empower clients to scan for a particular word or expression hidden in the transactions. Its recent tool goes above and beyond the ordinary and interprets these published messages on a real-time basis on each of the three blockchains.

Blockchair Feed gives an interesting and at times odd look into the discussions that people are having, at times with particular people, and at times with the world at large, by means of their most loved blockchain. The majority of the messages seen in the feed comes from the BCH network. That is generally on account of the accomplishment of small-scale blogging social platforms, such as Memo and Block Press. The low fee of Bitcoin Cash makes it practical to message different users by means of the OP_Return field. On account of the current upgrade to the BCH network, the size of this field has expanded, opening doors to more possibilities for onchain communication.

Of the two social networking platform, Blockpress has the cleaner User Interface which has a resemblance to Twitter. Subsequent to making a profile, header, and username, clients can dispatch short messages that incorporate emojis. Judging by the spate of messages showing up in the Blockchair Feed, Memo is the busier of the BCH social networks at present. announced that people have been encoding messages in blockchains for a long time now. For example, the BTC blockchain contains six marriage proposals. Thanks to the coming up of new tools like Blockchair Feed, combined with services like Memo and Blockpress, reading those messages and even replying to them has gotten a great deal simpler.

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