John McAfee introduces

John McAfee Introduces

John McAfee of the antivirus and cryptocurrency orientation has stirred up the crypto community once more with his latest announcement, one which seems to launch an entirely new brand under his name, Introducing

Currently, in beta mode, McAfee has launched his own cryptocurrency price analysis website, one which takes a similar form to Coinmarketcap and displays live and current price values in an easy to read format. From an initial inspection, the website is actually quite well made and easy to use.

The website incorporates a social network aspect under the ‘members’ tab. Within here, investors and traders are encouraged to join up and add friends, though as it stands it is not clear how this part of the website intends to grow, it does seem to be very much sat in an early phase, as to be expected within a beta model.

According to the

“The McAfee Market Cap was founded at the start of 2018 when a few Team McAfee members had a vision: to create the ultimate one-stop shop knowledge and information database regarding all things blockchain and cryptocurrency. Today, there are several websites that offer great information and price tracking. The McAfee Market Cap aims to improve on these concepts and bring something unique and valuable to the table. Currently, we have real-time prices the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap and candlestick charts powered by Tradingview in order to accommodate the traders and investors of the world who will not settle for static prices or line charts on their market cap trackers. Summer 2018 will be a big one for the McAfee Market Cap and the cryptoverse. We will be implementing additional coins, indexes, and an online social network for traders, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts.”

This is a website with clear intentions and a clear plan to grow. We didn’t expect this from McAfee, but as you well know, this is an industry he is very passionate about. Between this website, the launch of the McAfee Crypto Team website and all of his other projects, McAfee is cementing his position as a world leader within the crypto and blockchain revolution.

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