Major Cineplex of Thailand to integrate crypto payments

Major Cineplex of Thailand to integrate crypto payments

The largest movie theater chain of Thailand, Major Cineplex, is integrating crypto payments to allow customers to pay for its services and products, including popcorn and movie tickets, with cryptocurrency, as per reports. Thailand recently began regulating crypto businesses.

Major Cineplex is building a digital payment ecosystem in the country through a partnership with Swiss payment company Rapidzpay.

Recently, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission started accepting license applications from crypto operators. The Thai Bond Market Association (TBMA) was reportedly about to deploy a blockchain-powered solution on its registrar service platform, as reported by CoinFrenzy. The new platform will be built on a smart contract platform using a private blockchain.

Chanya Tamrongweenichai, the director of marketing at Major Cineplex Group, had said that he believes “Rapidzpay will expand to our other businesses and lead the change for Thailand’s financial ecosystem to be cashless.” He further said,

“You’ll be able to buy any services and products from us, such as movie tickets, popcorn and other different products with cryptocurrency.”

While Major Cineplex and the Group has not announced which cryptocurrencies will be accepted but the coins supported in both the iOS and Android Rapidzpay apps currently include BTC, LTC, and BCH.

About Major Cineplex

Major Cineplex Group Public Co. Ltd. is the largest operator of movie theaters in Thailand. The company, combined with its subsidiary EGV Entertainment, has 490 screens around Thailand. Among its properties is Thailand’s largest multiplex, the Paragon Cineplex at Siam Paragon, with 16 screens and 5,000 seats, along with the IMAX theater.

The second-largest chain in Thailand is SF Cinema City. While movie theaters are Major Cineplex Group’s core business, the company is heavily involved in the bowling alley business and has a total of 360 lanes under its Major Bowl Hit brand. It also has 222 karaoke rooms. The company has also invested in the growing California WOW Xperience Plc.

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