London Police To Receive Cryptocurrency Crime Training

London Police To Receive Cryptocurrency Crime Training

Government agencies around the world are still wary about cryptocurrencies and view it as a tool for criminal activities such as fraud and money laundering. As a result, there is a need for police forces to receive proper training to deal with the threat associated with cryptocurrency. The London Police is making a major step towards this direction. 

While the system is transparent, cryptocurrency and blockchain involve a lot of information to be taken in. While blockchain analysis firms are useful, it is necessary for the police to take some action to combat criminal activities in the sphere of cryptocurrency.

Because of this, the London Police is exploring new educational initiatives for its force in this sphere. It wants to educate fraud investigators on Bitcoin and the potential money laundering problems associated with it. Over the years, a lot of warnings related to bitcoin and associated criminal activities have been made. However, this education and training will help the city’s police force to remain ahead of the criminals.

However, it is unclear what exactly is covered in this course. The city has shown increasing interest in launching a ‘cyber court’. This cyber court will be a platform for police officials to be educated about cyber crimes and remain one step ahead of the criminals. As a part of this, it is important to include cryptocurrency and especially bitcoin. Criminals do favour bitcoin, despite the lack of privacy and anonymity associated with it.

This decision by the London Police may be seen as a global precedent. Cryptocurrencies are becoming a bigger part of our lives with each passing day, and it is important to be aware of its issues and how to deal with them on a larger basis. By helping remove the criminal activities associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the police forces around the world can help it make more legitimate and users more inclined to use it.

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