Litecoin (LTC) Acceptance to Skyrocket Following Adoption by Surf Air

Litecoin (LTC) Acceptance to Skyrocket Following Adoption by Surf Air

While Bitcoin is considered to be the gold equivalent of digital currency and has been the strongest player in the crypto world, Litecoin is deemed the silver equivalent due to similarities.

Officially launched in 2011, Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee as an attempt to improve bitcoin, which has started gaining momentum gradually.

Despite the price crash, Litecoin (LTC) has reasons to celebrate. The #PayWithLitecoin campaign seems promising as many platforms are signifying their acceptance of the altcoin. After TapJet and Sportsbook, Surf Air has also announced that they are now adopting Litecoin.

Surf Air is a flight company that arranges travel and other services solely as a manager of the Surf Air membership program and as its agent. Though it does not operate or own any aircraft, it offers flights to and from convenient airports through the U.S. West Coast and has promised that additional regions will follow in the near future.

The information was initially revealed by Charlie Lee who is actively seeking massive adoption of his creation, Litecoin.

Charlie Lee tweeted:

“On the heels of @TapJets accepting Litecoin, I just got confirmation that @SurfAir is also accepting LTC now in addition to BTC and ETH. More info on this next week! More places to #PayWithLitecoin.”

Sportsbook, an online bet and gaming platform, considered Litecoin as the decision to accept cryptocurrencies has helped it win massively. Tapjets Inc accepted Litecoin following a vote that was put on Twitter to select appropriate altcoins.

Even, a virtual reality porn platform, announced its acceptance of Litecoin as a payment option. The company indicated that LTC is a top-tier coin with unique benefits for the user, especially, its fast confirmation time, liquidity and low fees.

Apart from these platforms, Gemini Exchange also supported LTC, ZCash, and BCH. This will give a major thrust to Litecoin as Gemini Exchange has a userbase of 48 US States.

In the same way, #PayWithLitecoin campaign is creating more userbase for altcoins and is ensuring new developments. There is a great scope for massive adoption of Litecoin by various companies which are gradually accepting cryptocurrency for payment, especially due to the ongoing #PayWithLitecoin campaign.

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