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Litecoin [LTC] Price weekly update- Floating over $155

In the course of recent weeks, the build-up around Litecoin, LTC, has decreased and it is no place near what it was in the long stretch of January, this year. LTC soared high on January 06 at $323.12. So far it hasn’t been able to reach that level again but remains steady in the range of $145 to $155 without much trouble.

A review of LTC over the week shows LTC at $164.71 on May 8 after which it goes downhill and currently stands at $148.40. Although LTC has dropped by $16.31 over the week it appears to be steadily climbing up again. There has been a rise of 7.63% in the last 24 hours and faces resistance at $148.22 mark. As of now, it stands on the 6th rank with a market cap of $8.2 billion.

litecoin price

Another story that is coming forward is that as of May 14, 2018, UK based Kx Systems has launched the trading of cryptocurrencies on the trading platforms of Kx. Kx Systems includes customers like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley among others. Kx for Flow is an HTML5 FX exchanging platform which allows users to make liquidity pools and distribute value data of price information to their clients and customers.

Initially, the platform used to operate with such liquidity sources as banks, non-deliverable advances, valuable metals and contracts-for-contrast. They have now added cryptocurrencies to their lists.

“As with most ‎leading trading technology providers we have been inundated with ‎interest in crypto. When you sift through the noise the interest from ‎mainstream financial services firms to begin trading cryptocurrencies ‎has been growing and we are delivering this solution to meet the ‎current and future needs of our clients.”

– says the Kx Head of FX solution Rich Kiel who with the changing trends of technology realizes the need of digital currency in the form of Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

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