Lionel Messi to Promote Blockchain Smartphone

Lionel Messi to Promote Blockchain Smartphone

Cryptocurrency is set to global and expand into new ventures. Blockchain smartphones will hit the market this year after Sirin Labs will introduce the world’s first mass-market blockchain smartphone “Finney”.

The sleek mobile phone will be priced at $1,000 and the proprietory dual-screen design will introduce “Safe Screen” for the blockchain smartphone. After its introduction in the month of November this year, world-renowned Lionel Messi will promote the smartphone to all the crypto lovers.

For secure wallet transactions, Finney will feature a standalone screen that will run on the dedicated firmware. Sirin OS, the operating system, is a Google-certified “fork” of Android. It features an embedded cold storage wallet for all the top cryptos and tokens. It also has a DApp store, multi-layered cybersecurity suite and a token conversion service (TCS) which is designed to allow users to purchase decentralized apps within the Sirin Labs DApp store itself.

The smartphone is named after Bitcoin pioneer and the recipient of Satoshi Nakamoto’s first Bitcoin transaction, Hal Finney. The smartphone aims to handle the challenge of carrying, storing and transacting cryptos along with making in-store DApp purchases on the mobile device only.

The cold wallet is activated by a sliding screen for crypto transactions so users can carry whatever amount they feel like carrying and spending. The touch of the smartphone, called as “Safe Screen” is designed specifically for a built-in cold wallet and to protect cryptocurrency of users against any malicious attacks.

To keep a note, Sirin Labs is the same company that had brought Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy to the London premiere of its “world’s most secure phone” two years ago. The best part is that the smartphone that will be launched also carries a stamp of approval of the football superstar Lionel Messi.

Reports also say that HTC is also planning to launch a similar smartphone having cold storage wallet. The features of the smartphone sound promising and the smartphone also has a second touchscreen.

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