is Officially Launched
News is Officially Launched is officially launched. Lighthouse is a bitcoin-cash-powered app designed to create and manage a crowdfunding campaign without any middle-men.

The app was first showcased by the developer of Bitcoin, Mike Hearn, at the Bitcoin 2014 conference which was held in Amsterdam. He then dropped the idea of the project after leaving due to scaling debate frustrations. Now the project has been restored by an anonymous developer and the first version of the same has been made available to the public from this week.

Through Toshi’s Fund, the anonymous developer is known to be helped by the Cashpay and wallet. The source code of the project and the decentralized project itself can be found on the Gitlab website as it has a better version and Microsoft does not believe it is possible to scale on-chain.

Lighthouse provides a wallet for users, apart from providing a way to create one’s own crowdfunding campaign without trusting any third party. The first release of the platform is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

There are platforms like Indiegogo, Gofundme and Kickstarter which provide third-party support for a crowdfunding campaign. The problem with such platforms is not just limited to their centralized nature, but that they can be censored too. Lighthouse will hopefully replace these platforms.

Lighthouse is a decentralized platform and does not rely on any third party. In this way, no one can censor a person’s attempt to crowdfund money or support a project. It is built on smart contracts and the crowdfund project is not tied to any website so a person can advertise it anywhere.

Even the smallest donations are feasible and are not burdened by fees from any third party, making microtransactions possible. Also, that Lighthouse uses BCH making pledging of microtransactions easy. As per the sources, the project has no platform fees for crowdfunding currently.

The team further plans to add mobile phone support, Tor mode, a development collaboration tool, threshold signed software updates and many more amazing features. Additionally, two instructional videos have been released by the team for those people who either want to create a project on or want to pledge to a project.

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