Ledger Nano S Now Supports EOS

Ledger Nano S Now Supports EOS

Ledger, the cryptocurrency hardware wallet system released information about support for many popular cryptocurrency assets for the Ledger Nano S device. The most notable cryptocurrency is EOS.

This news was announced on Crypto Tuesday. Tuesday has been termed as crypto Tuesday for Ledger as the company likes releasing new information on the first Tuesday of every month. This was signified by,

… the release of new coin applications will happen every first Tuesday of the month, with new third-party device applications bundled in a single release. This will help make expectations clearer for both users and developers, as they will know when to expect new releases to launch. This will also make it easier for Ledger to streamline third-party apps validation, and make sure Ledger devices can support more applications quicker while keeping the highest standard of security and asset protection.

Ledger announced this addition of EOS and other coins through the following tweet,

Happy #CryptoTuesday! Ledger now supports Hycon, Waves, Rise, FIC Network, Pirl, EOS and Akroma. These 3rd-party apps for Ledger Nano S are available on Ledger Live: https://ledger.com/live

For more details on upcoming cryptos support visit https://trello.com/b/5nQ1mdzt/ledger-roadmap …

They further added,

The EOS third-party app was made possible by a @CypherglassBP bounty – https://www.cypherglass.com/ .

A lot of users also asked information on the EOS tutorial to which Ledger gave the following link,


@IFinchMO tweeted,

Finally a respectable EOS wallet!

@ben8howell tweeted,

While the added support for these coins on the hardware side is great it does feel like a ‘poor mans’ implementation when ledger live doesn’t actually support displaying any of them. I just hope this is planned for the future.

@cryptoinchicago tweeted,

I don’t see Waves in the list when I try to add a crypto asset. The app installed, but I can’t set up an account for it. Please help!

Duytungorator tweeted,

Can we use Ledger Nano S to claim EOS mainnet (for people who have not claimed EOS from mainnet launch)?. Thanks.

As seen from the original tweet by Ledger, there is also a link to the company’s roadmap on Trello where users can see real-time updates to the company’s public roadmap and also give feedback to the development team. This will enable customers to find out the integrations the company is working on currently.

However, to be able to install these new Ledger apps, one needs to have the latest version of the Ledger Live desktop app and the companion native app that is available for MAC, Windows, and Linux that was launched earlier in July.

This latest update increases the number of cryptocurrencies on ledger to 53. However, one important point to note is that the EOS support is through a third party app that is developed and supported by the EOS community. The EOS app needs to be installed on the Ledger Nano S to manage EOS with the FairWallet, developed and maintained by the EOS team.

The FairyWallet is in a desktop version for Mac and Windows. It has features such as multiple account support, transfer of EOS generic tokens, voting, buying and selling of RAM, resource delegation and more.

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