KRW Trading For Cardano And Status Network Token Enabled By Bithumb

KRW Trading For Cardano And Status Network Token Enabled By Bithumb

Recently, both Cardano [ADA] and Status Network [SNT] got listed on Bithumb. This news was welcomed with open hands by the crypto enthusiasts. The trend of getting listed on famous exchanges has become of utmost importance to the developers of altcoin. As such Bithumb has enabled KRW for Cardano [ADA] and Status Network Token [SNT].

In spite of the fact that Bithumb isn’t the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, its position can’t be questioned. This platform clearly dwarfed all other platforms in South Korea. These currencies generally fight for fiat gateway action and by enabling KRW trading for all of its supported currencies, it is just making a strong foothold in the crypto-exchange world.

The exchange, Bithumb has chosen to include two new currencies. The decision for Cardano bodes well. This altcoin has been on a ground-breaking ride to the top for a long time now. Empowering KRW support for this cryptocurrency will without a doubt prompt some intriguing price developments.

Adding Status Network is by all accounts an alternate issue. While Status has been developing for quite a while, it’s not on the same level from Cardano or other upheld currencies on Bithumb. Overall, it is an interesting choice because it might prove to be a valuable addition to the South Korean platform.

It is highly possible that both these cryptocurrencies will notice a minor price pump due to this listing. Bithumb and their local competitor play a significant role in cryptocurrency. South Korea is generally thought to be the best country for cryptocurrency trading activity these days ever since China fell off the Bitcoin radar.

Additionally, the region is home to some positive Bitcoin regulation as well. Domestic exchanges can thrive and grow. While the government is still on the fence about ICOs,  seems to even that situation is evolving in a good direction. Otherwise, SNT wouldn’t be added to Bithumb, as the token was sold during an initial coin offering in 2017.
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