Justin Sun Talks About TRON Main Net with Huobi

Justin Sun Talks About TRON Main Net with Huobi

Justin Sun recently went live on Huobi’s YouTube channel and it was everything you would expect it to be!



The 27-year-old Founder & CEO of TRON started off by introducing himself. He talked about his education and how he got into Blockchain. Sun told the viewers of Huobi’s live stream that he started his first Blockchain company back in 2014 for which he received funding from Ripple’s co-founder, Chris Larsen.

He then talked how he gained three years of experience before starting out with TRON—and that his team has more experience than Ethereum does in the Blockchain sphere.

Justin later told the audience that the platform is at an early stage—just 7 months old—and there is still a lot that needs to be done.


When asked briefly introduce the audience to the concept of TRON, Justin Sun told the audience that the mission of the platform is to decentralize the internet. He went ahead and talked about Facebook and the other big companies are manipulating the data of the users to an extent that they influenced the presidential elections of US and how TRON would be a platform which is more democratic and decentralized.

He then talked about the platform already having a hundred million users and his belief in the platform to become the largest blockchain platform in the world once Main Net goes live.

For those of you who don’t know what the Main Net is about, TRON would be moving off the Ethereum platform on May 31. This means that it would no longer have an ERC20 identity and would instead migrate to its own platform, Main Net.

Advantages over Ethereum

  • It doesn’t require GAS, even if you’ve built your coin over ERC20. If you wish to carry out any transfer on the Ethereum network, you would need to pay the Ethereum asset, GAS.
  • It uses JAVA instead of Solidity—the language used by Ethereum for smart contracts. JAVA is easier to understand and use.
  • When it comes to transactions per second (TPS), it has 10,000 TPS already on test net, while Ethereum has a meager 25-27 TPS. In his own words, they are “400 times better than Ethereum.” It is highly useful for developers since the network can handle their requirements better.

Justin Sun then talked about the project code-named Genesis where they would reward developers with a staggering 2 billion USD reward pool for developers taking part in the development of their Github plan, Bug-bounty, Tron Loan among others interesting aspects of Tron.

Super Representative Elections (SRE)

When asked about notable candidates for the SRE, Justin said that all the candidates are important for the elections. However, here are the candidates he specifically mentioned to stand out from the rest:

  • AntPool (Bitmain’s subsidiary)
  • Node Capital
  • Bitcoin God

TRON’s Biggest Competitor

When asked about who he thinks would be the biggest competitor for TRON, the answer was Ethereum. He went ahead and explained that while Ethereum is good, it has a lot of flaws which constantly trouble the developers. And these flaws are what he wants to overcome on his platform.

Justin repeated the advantages that his platform had over Ethereum to make his point clear.

Long Roadmap Explained

Tron has quite an “ambitious mission” which is to decentralize the web and not make applications for making things easier. Once their mission comes true, everyone would become self-reliant to use the internet. What this means is that people wouldn’t have to rely on Google or Facebook or any other website for using the internet. They would be able to protect and use their own database for surfing the internet.

This is why they have a very long roadmap to their ambitious mission’s success. He adds later that they are in a good stage in the process—six months ahead of their plan, to be precise.

Surprise, Surprise!

There would be another big announcement in May which would bring in another 100 million users. Due to the news being confidential, all he could say was that it would be about the world’s largest decentralized application in the world.

On a closing note, Justin Sun asked viewers to participate in Super Representative Elections by contesting or voting for the contestants.

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