TRON Founder Justin Sun's "Cutie" is Turning Heads
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TRON Founder Justin Sun’s “Cutie” is Turning Heads

After a recent tweet by Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of TRON Foundation, Blockchain Cuties has turned a lot of heads—especially from the TRON community.

In a recent press release, the team said:

“Today, TRON Arcade presents its first full-featured crypto collectibles game. After a successful Ethereum launch, followed by its debut on EOS, the rapid expansion of Blockchain Cuties proves that having a pair of passionate gamers and game developers for co-founders is a valuable thing. The platform now boasts over 30,000 digital pets, called Cuties, each one with its own unique DNA which dictates its colour palette and game attributes. TRON’s founder and CEO, Justin Sun, has also offered a 50% on the official TRON foundation Cuties.”

Adding to that, the team said:

“Today also marks CEO, Vlad Tomko’s birthday, exactly one year since work started on the game, and in celebration of this he has announced plans for a Blockchain Cuties Universe. Although Blockchain Cuties has already set the bar high, with rich artwork, a blockchain wallet that requires no browser plugins or other complications to use, and robust, well thought-out game mechanics, the team plans to level up with a geographic map of Cutieland. Going back to Tomko’s obsessive enthusiasm for creating over 500 locations in the 2001 MMORPG game Neverwinter Nights, Blockchain Cuties Universe will allow independent developers to create new worlds and uses for the Cuties, with API endpoints.”

Talking about the possibilities which come from being on three blockchains, the team said:

“Being on three different blockchains adds a new dimension to the possibilities in the game. In an interview, Tomko enthusiastically described a plan to limit certain accessories, like weapons, headgear and necklaces, to specific chains. This will create an interesting tribal experiment, where cuties will be able to band together and engage in group battles across chains.”

Talking about the limited edition Justin Sun Cutie, the team said:

“Blockchain Cuties will be the only full-featured, working, game from TRON Arcade to launch in 2018. Justin Sun tweeted about Blockchain Cuties on Christmas Day (, in relation to an official Justin Sun Cutie, of which there are only five available on pre-sale. Rumour has it that Justin Sun himself might become a proud owner of one.”

Indeed Sun later went ahead and bought an official Justin Sun Cutie for himself on pre-sale.

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Talking about the giveaway held on 28th, the team said:

“In celebration of notable crypto-games industry professionals who made the market what it became in 2018, Blockchain Cuties is giving away personalised Cuties in the respective likeness of each of those individuals. The giveaway event will take place today.”

Recently, TronWallet, the TRON-based digital currency wallet, announced the winners of the 2018 TronWallet Community Awards. In the official Medium article pertaining to the awards, the team said:

“As you know, TronWallet is a community-driven project on TRON network and many decisions we make come from conversations, reviews and active engagement from members of our community.
From general direction of the project to very specific development priorities, we ask and poll our community for feedback and preferences. During this year, in 2 different polls, users chose DEXchange and Two-factor Authentication (2FA) features as priorities for development and both were quickly embraced.”

Adding to it:

“In addition to participating in the daily conversation and providing great feedback, the following members went one step beyond and we want to take the time to recognize their significant contribution to TronWallet project, team and community.”

TRON Arcade is just scratching the surface—the network has a lot of innovation going on on it.

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