Jason Attar Discusses the Future of Independent Film Making
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Jason Attar Discusses the Future of Independent Film Making

Jason Attar, the British actor, writer, and director famous for One Night in Powder, is back with another comedy movie called KevCoin: The Movie, the second feature film that he has made. He has been performing comedy for 20 years—and counting.

In an interview with CoinFrenzy, Jason discusses the various problems that the independent filmmakers face while shooting the movies and while getting people to know about them. As Jason puts it,

“A lot of people, they produce films, and then they kind of sit back and they wait for distributors to come along—and those days are over. And in terms of independent films, those days never really were […] The ability to produce a film has, in terms of the cost, is so much cheaper to make a film. But the whole distribution mechanism is so traditional—they just won’t touch it—so there’s got to be a better way.”

Indeed, the old methods must make way for the new methods to come in for the industry to evolve. He stresses on the fact that there has to be a better way by saying:

“It seems to me that it is quite easy to get films made—there’s actually quite a lot of money about. But actually, to get a film to be sold to an audience, you literally have a one in a thousand chance of your film reaching an audience. And then even a smaller chance of the filmmaking a profit. So, there has to be a better way.”

Jason has an interesting way of looking at things and it is quite visible in the movies he makes. His upcoming movie, KevCoin: The Movie, is one great example of how differently he looks at everything. The movie is based in South-east London, an area called Peckham and features a lot of interesting civilians—who aren’t really actors. The movie is already out and you can watch it here!

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