Israel Seizes 1000 Bitcoins in Money Laundering Case

Israel Seizes 1000 Bitcoins in Money Laundering Case

Israel seized 1000 bitcoins in a money laundering case on Monday, 23rd May.

The cyber-crime division of State Attorney’s office of Hebron, Israel accused local Hilmi Git on Monday of purportedly using more than 800 Israeli Visas to complete 20,000 false exchanges and laundering the money using Bitcoin.

The charge, filed in the Tel Aviv district courts, alleges that the transactions they guarantee Git made amount to over $280,000 and that he laundered over $8 million through the span of ten years. This $8 million dollar was put away in the form of Bitcoin, and the state seized no less than 1,071 BTC funds which will be confiscated after the conviction.

The supposed operation spanned over ten years and various websites and forums which the State Prosecutor asserts he used to facilitate credit card fraud through a wide network of criminals, launder money, teach others how to remotely use computers to steal funds, and dupe accidental guests to his sites.

Through one spam he clearly put on a show to offer cheap mobile phones, however, would bar clients from the site after getting payments and cut off contact with them. He would then take control of the client’s profile and post messages in their name appearing to confirm receipt of their goods, drawing in more victims.

The severity of the credit card fraud operation through which Git supposedly provided a premium and a free membership to users buying permission to use credit cards from Git to execute the scam. The Report also affirms that he issued guides on his website telling customers on how to steal and hack people online as well as offering tools that allowed them to do the same. A quote from Git states that:

“We are thieves. Anywhere we can take money, we’ll take it, whether it’s from Israel, the US, or even the moon.”

The state will apply to keep holding Git in custody to keep him from recovering control of his online criminal domain, expressing that web access will “enable him to continue carrying out the criminal enterprise he established over the past decade,” adding Git will “not hesitate to commit fraudulent offenses against innocent victims.”

The wallet seizure denotes seizing of Bitcoin by the police for the first time in the history of Israel. A legitimate precedent might be set for the state’s seizure of cryptographic assets after the sentence.

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