Lost Tokens in the IOTA bug in October? Here's How You Can Reclaim Them!
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Lost Tokens in the IOTA bug in October? Here’s How You Can Reclaim Them!

In October 2017, there was a bug found in the normalization code being used for transaction signature bundles in IOTA. The bug created quite an unrest in the IOTA community since the IOTA tokens of some users were at risk due a partial revelation of their private key. With brute force, hackers can easily find the remainder of the partially exposed private key, thus enabling them to steal tokens.

The IOTA open source community was quick to act and made a patch for the bug quickly. The coordinator was shut down in 3 days, the patch was deployed, and emergency snapshots were taken to prevent users from losing tokens.

As of now, snapshots are taken on a periodic basis, pruning the ledger, and effectively making it faster—since the zero-balance addresses were removed—but back then it was a big deal.

To ensure that no user had to be at a loss, IOTA developers came up with a reclaim process for the at-risk tokens which was announced on 25th October 2017 in an IOTA blog post. While a further update was provided about the reclaim process on 9th November 2017, there are a few people who still haven’t received their tokens back yet. If you’re one of them, your reclaim might need to go through the identity verification.

Find the official blog here.

Does your Claim need Identity Verification?

Check your address on either https://thetangle.org, or https://iotasear.ch to find whether your claim needs identity verification or not. If your claim does need identity verification, read on to know what to do next.

How to Complete Verification?

Firstly, make sure you’ve followed through everything mentioned above. Once done, use a secure web browser to go to https://kyc.iota.org and enter the seed of the IOTA wallet (it is safe since the website is hosted by IOTA). Now click on the hyperlink next to the “I agree” box saying “read more”. Go through the information in the dialogue box which would’ve appeared and when you’re ready, check the box saying “I agree.”

Read the disclaimer and check your seed again, and if it’s right, click on the button saying “Start KYC process”. You would be redirected to IDnow’s website where you would have to follow the instructions and complete the identification verification. Here’s all that you need to keep handy:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Street address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Passport or national ID card
  • A piece of paper and pen or pencil
  • A device capable of taking a digital photo

Once done, pat yourself on the back, you’ve done an important task.

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