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Indian State of Telangana to Enter MoUs With Blockchain Firms

The Indian state of Telangana is going to sign MoUs (Memoranda of Understanding) with a number of blockchain-based firms to implement blockchain technology in six or seven state applications, news agency the Business Standard reports Thursday, July 26.

According to Jayesh Ranjan, Telangana IT Secretary, the plan aims to improve efficiency and transparency in public services provided by the state government. However, the government official didn’t specify the areas that are going to be affected by the measure.

Ranjan claimed that the state is going to sign the MoUs at the International Blockchain Congress, speaking at an official press conference on July 26.

The first edition of the International Blockchain Congress is set to take place in Hyderabad, the state capital, from August 3 to 4. The last day of the event will be on August 5, in Goa. More than 3,000 participants are expected to attend the upcoming event, and over 80 speakers including government officials and Tim Draper, U.S. tech investor.

The billionaire tech investor re-entered the market in Feb. 2017 after leaving it in 2016 due to lack of “rule of law”. Although impressed by anti-corruption initiatives by Indian PM Narendra Modi, Draper has critized the country’s negative stance on digital currency.

Governments from around the world have been increasingly adopting the nascent technology to improve the quality of public services. On July 25, the Catalonian government announced its plans to implement the technology in “all areas of public administration” by the end of this year.

Earlier this month, Riyadh Municipality partnered with IBM to develop a solution for improving government services and transactions using the blockchain technology.


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