Top Indian Government Officials Involved in Mega Bitcoin Scam
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Top Indian Government Officials Involved in Mega Bitcoin Scam

Top Indian officials of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have allegedly committed a “mega Bitcoin scam”. Apparently, those accused converted black money to Bitcoin (BT) and used the cryptocurrency for money laundering and extortion.

Shaktisinh Gohil, the Senior Indian National Congress (INC) member suggested that the honourable Supreme Court should look into this matter. Gohil asserts that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) evaluates that the mega Bitcoin scam involves 5,000 crore rupees ($723 million), with some claiming that the number could be much higher.

As per the senior INC member after the surfacing of the case of businessmen, Sailesh Bhatt and Kirit Paladia, this scandal was observed. Bhatt filed a complaint against the district police of Amreli, Gujarat and the investigation prompted the capture of the authorities included.

Bhatt asserted that the Amreli police extorted 200 Bitcoins (worth 2 million USD at the time) from him and Paladia, and also asked for 32 crore rupees (4.6 million USD) in the form of cash. In an announcement, Bhatt said that he and his accomplice were abducted in February and taken to a farmhouse, where they were pressured to exchange the digital forms of money.

Furthermore, the incident included a member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Nalin Kotadiya, who at present remains at large. Gohil said that Kotadiya’s capture will uncover “damning evidence” which will substantiate his accusation and will uncover BJP heads as the evildoers that they seem to be.

Gohil said:

“As the BJP is scrambling for answers to explain how Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank, whose director is BJP chief Amit Shah, received old currency worth ~745.58 crores in just five days and how ~3118.51 crores was deposited in 11 district co-operative banks linked with BJP leaders in Gujarat itself, a new ‘mega bitcoin scam’ worth more than 5,000 crore rupees has been unraveled in the state,”

Hawala transactions, a money transfer plan that involves many agents to finally pay the final receipt was used by the BJP leaders.

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