5000 Indian Developers Skilled Enough to Work on Blockchain

5000 Indian Developers Skilled Enough to Work on Blockchain

According to a recent study by Belong, the HR company, somewhere around 5,000 software developers in India have the skill set required to work on the projects based on the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

An additional 10,000 Indian software developers can be trained easily to be able to work on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. After undergoing extensive training, 30,000 more software developers in India would be able to work on such projects.

The study reports that of two million estimated Indian software developers, 0.25 percent of them already possess the necessary skills to work on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. The 5,000 Indian software developers said to have the required skill set for working on such projects are adept in data science, cryptography, and algorithms.

Rishabh Kaul, the co-founder of Belong, said that the country has a potential for training 10,000 more developers having some experience in the FinTech industry. However, he also mentioned that 30,000 software developers with an experience in the back-end technology can work on projects pertaining to the Blockchain industry after undergoing an extensive training and upskilling.

Companies across the globe are facing a lot of difficulties in finding qualified developers for their Blockchain projects. Rishabh went ahead and explained that there is quite a demand for the developers who have the right skill sets which would be needed for the projects pertaining to the Blockchain industry. He said:

“Developers must essentially have skills in data science, algorithms and cryptography to work on such platforms.”

With every passing day, an increasing number of companies now look forward to entering the crypto space, and with the help of such developers, the companies can enter safely, without having to worry about the consequences.

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