imToken Announces 2.0 International Version With Upgrades

imToken Announces 2.0 International Version With Upgrades

imToken , the world’s biggest Ethereum based digital wallet that widely supports 30,000 tokens, announced imToken 2.0 , the next-gen cryptocurrency wallet that fully supports a decentralized system.

Shortly after its $10 million investment from IDG, imToken 2.0 is the next step in imToken’s plan to construct a completely decentralized ecosystem of products and services for users. The new features in this 2.0 version include a multichain wallet, dApp Browser and updates to its decentralized exchange system and will be the pillars that form the foundations of this company’s future.

The company also announced 5 million active users in 200 countries and $45 billion in pass through transactions between January  2017 and June 2018, a transaction volume that competes with PayPal’s Venmo.

Ben He, the Founder and CEO of imToken said,

We believe that the future of blockchain technology lies in complete decentralization and it’s an approach that we will fully invest in.We believe the initiatives announced today for imToken 2.0 is the roadmap for a fully decentralized ecosystem that we believe will set the tone for the industry and that users will get behind.

The new dApp browser supports the most popular dApps and decentralized exchanges and introduces a new engagement channel for customers. Users can also access multiple dApps without logging in and allowing rapid payments through a supported token of the user’s choice. Qualified users will also receive full support from the app in the form of displaying their dApps in the imToken dApp browser for immediate exposure to millions of users.

Users can also manage wallets that specifically support individual cryptocurrencies and tokens under a single identity in imToken 2.0.

This announcement comes after the news of the company’s office opening in Singapore which will now serve as the company’s headquarters.

He further added,

We’re excited about imToken’s new developments and believe that with a mature regulatory environment, Singapore is the ideal launchpad for us to kickstart our global ambitions.With countries including Indonesia rapidly growing into one of imToken’s largest markets, we’re looking forward to building out our initiatives in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia.

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