ICON Enters into Strategic Partnership with Bodhi

ICON Enters into Strategic Partnership with Bodhi

ICON team has announced a new partnership. It has partnered with Bodhi Foundation and is set to conquer the Chinese market. Bodhi Foundation is a decentralized platform with a focus on predictions in the market. It is based on Qtum blockchain.

The partnership will lead to the integration of ICON’s ability to interconnect blockchains on the platform of Bodhi with the help of which Bodhi can improve its market predictions. ICON will be able to build its position in Chinese markets and it will lead to further expansion.

Bodhi works with an aim to build an autonomous, credible and global prediction market. It allows users to create and trade on the outcome of sports, finance, politics, and any other type of events that are publicly verifiable. The innovative “replaceable oracle” mechanism of Bodhi is meant to enhance the reliability of the prediction market’s decision-making process. The mechanism is powered by Bodhi’s digital token (BOT).

China’s prediction market will probably become one of the largest in the world and Bodhi plans to bring the Chinese prediction market to the world. Bodhi prediction market aims to provide a more detailed description of economic events in order to thoroughly make value and risk assessment at both macro and microeconomic level.

ICON is trading at $1.96 and it is ranked 23rd. It has a market capitalization of $760,570,338. The Founder and project lead of Bodhi Prediction Market, Xiahong Lin, said

“We are happy to partner with ICON, which has a strong technological edge, a great user base and healthy ecosystem. Although Bodhi is native to the Qtum blockchain, we believe it is important to have footprints in other protocols as each of them has the advanced features. The partnership with ICON enables us to facilitate more accurate predictions and better reach out to Korean users”

The cryptocurrency space has been very active in the past couple of months. With platforms announcing new partnerships and incentive plans to mainnet launch of TRON, crypto space is rapidly transforming. ICON (ICX) also plans to set up a fully functioning network as the token migration of ICON is in progress. Token Migration takes place only when a protocol is fit to handle its own network.

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